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Old 11-01-2001, 12:22 PM
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91 Chevy K1500 4x4

Sam & Dave:
My dad has a 91 Chevy k1500 4x4 and it has a 305 in it. He has decided to put a 350 in it and he is wondering exactly how much trouble it would be. He was told that it would bolt up o.k. but he is not sure about the sensors, wiring harness, and anything else that might give him a problem. He really would like to know what he is geting in to. I am posting this for him because he doesn't have access to the internet but he does watch the show regularly!

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Old 11-01-2001, 08:32 PM
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Everything will bolt up the same. The engine bolts are the exact same. The heads will interchange from the 305 to 350 or the other way around. The rear bolts "what bolts to the transmission" is the exact same also. The throttle body should also be the same if your going to use the old one. The only true difference between the two is horsepower. The 350 will make approximately 50-100 more horses. Most 305's come with an estimated 145hp. Most 350's are rated around 250 in your year. The 1976 year and back are the same. The 77 though 85 are the same and the 86 to about 93 are the same. They should all bolt up to your tranny with no modifications. Also the distributor from the 305 will work in the 350. Hope I helped.

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